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Puppy Hit By Car Gets Around With ‘Spinal Walking’

spinal walking

Jennifer Garrison was researching the crazy phenomenon of Spinal Walking for her paralyzed puppy Scooter when she found the story I posted on the subject. She and her husband adopted Scooter four months ago after he was hit by a car and left with a severed spine. Recently Scooter gained the ability to walk short

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Purina vs. Blue Buffalo – Important To Special Needs Pets

dog food nutrtion

Have you been following the heated lawsuit that Purina filed against Blue Buffalo accusing the company of falsely advertising the ingredients in their pet food? I think the case is especially important if you have a dog or cat with special needs because good nutrition is so important to maintaining their health.

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Help: Paralyzed Dog From Africa Needs U.S.A. Home

paralyzed dog

I am reaching out once again to readers to help Lexie, the paralyzed dog pictured above, find a new family before she arrives in the United States next month in June. Traveling from Mozambique, Africa to the U.S is a long trip for anyone to make, but Lexie is ready to take that flight so she can start a new life. Lexie

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Bailey’s First Mother’s Day

Bailey 8 months

This is Bailey’s first Mother’s Day! I think Cody, Spike and Tiger told her she had to be on her best behavior because there haven’t been any toys ripped to shreds today and Bailey’s been giving me kisses instead of using me as her personal teething ring.

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Health / Daily Care

Deep Pain Sensation And Why You Want Your Dog To Have It

Deep pain sensation in dogs

If you’ve ever lived with a paralyzed dog or cat I’m sure you know about the pinch test. It’s a test where a veterinarian grabs hold of your pet’s paralyzed limb and firmly pinches the toes and skin between them.  Sophie had quite a few pinch tests over the course of her illness from each

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WW: Marijuana, Pets And Public Relations

marijuana and pets

This Wordless Wednesday is actually pretty wordy as I rant about marijuana, pets and public relations. You see, a local news station asked to interview a “pet health expert” about a study that found marijuana poisoning in pets is on the rise and I was picked for the job. My city recently legalized medical marijuana so it

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National Specially Abled Pets Day 2015

National Specially Abled Pets Day

May 3 is National Specially Abled Pets Day 2015. It’s a day that celebrates the amazing lives of pets with disabilities and special needs. I had the opportunity to commemorate the holiday in a story I wrote for the American Animal Hospital Association newsletter, Pets Matter.

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WW: Six Degrees Of Separation

adopting disabled dog

The theory of six degrees of separation says that every person on the planet can be connected to any other person in six steps or less. This theory played out perfectly between three people whose only connection was me.  On this Wordless Wednesday I’m going to try to tell the story in pictures. Last winter

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