WW: Interview With Canine Physical Therapy Expert













I recently had the great pleasure of interviewing Laurie Edge-Hughes, BScPT, MAnimSt(Animal Physio), CAFCI, CCRT. If you aren’t familiar with her name, the long list of credentials that follow it should give you a hint that Laurie Edge-Hughes is one of the leaders in her field of canine physical therapy.

After earning a degree in human physical therapy in 1993, Laurie realized she had a special interest in working with animals. She completed courses offered by the Canadian Horse and Animal Physical Therapists Association, which was the only type of animal PT education available at the time and then opened Four Leg Rehabilitation Therapy in Calgary, AB, Canada. Laurie realized there was a gap between the level of care given to large animals and the type of treatment available for small companion animals so she created and taught the first course in canine physical therapy in North America. She is still at the forefront of the field today teaching new canine physical therapists and speaking at symposiums around the world.

Here is my interview with Laurie:

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The Winner Of Our Giveaway From ‘the honest kitchen’…..


honest kit

We have a new winner for our latest Giveaway from “the honest kitchen” of two taste test packages of healthy, grain-free dog food.

The winner of the giveaway is:

Lauren E.

Congratulations Lauren!

If you didn’t win this Giveaway don’t be discouraged because there will be many more in the future.

You can learn more about “the honest kitchen” and their great raw and grain-free products for dogs and cats by visiting their website: http://www.thehonestkitchen.com.


Infographic: When To Take Your Pet To The Veterinarian

For those of us with special needs pets, keeping your cat or dog as healthy as possible is the ultimate goal.  Today I’m sharing this Infographic about the basic care your pet needs and signs that an animal is having an emergency that needs immediate attention.  I’m going to clip this Infographic and post it on my refrigerator.  I hope you’ll keep it close by too! Continue reading

My Favorite Harnesses For Handicapped Dogs












If you have a paralyzed, partially immobile dog, or a dog recovering from surgery a harness is one of the most important tools you can have on hand. Harnesses make it easier to move your dog from one part of the house to another and they take the stress off your back when you lift your pet in and out of a car or walk them outside for a potty break. Harnesses also give your dog a sense of independence because they allow them to move just like they did when they could walk on their own. Here are my top three favorite harnesses for handicapped dogs.

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WW: 3 Medical Conditions Every Pet Owner Should Know













The complete title of this story is: 3 Medical Conditions Every Pet Owner Should Know and The Miracle Treatments/Research To Cure Them, but it was way too long. One of the goals of Lessons From A Paralyzed Dog is to share information about diseases and conditions that leave pets paralyzed, partially immobile or with neurological problems and the modern advances to cure them. Today I’m sharing three that readers found most interesting.

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Can You Guess Rudy’s Diagnosis?

The sweet dog that has fainted in this video is my neighbor Rudy. He is a 7lb. toy poodle who celebrated his fifth birthday last week. Two weeks ago little Rudy started showing signs of a dry cough that sounded like he was clearing his throat. After a few days the cough escalated to a honking goose like hack that Rudy couldn’t stop. His family took him to the veterinarian where he received antibiotics and cough medicine. Three hours later Rudy began to lose his balance and then fainted.

Can you guess Rudy’s diagnosis?

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Giveaway From “The Honest Kitchen”


Cody pawtree 1

I’m happy to reveal our next great Giveaway from “the honest kitchen.” One lucky reader will receive two taste test packages of this healthy, grain-free dog food.

When I first adopted Cody you could hear his stomach gurgle from one end of the house to the other after he ate. I was feeding him the same quality food that I served Sophie, but it wasn’t the right food for his body. I asked around and after some elimination I found that grain-free dog food was the most soothing and nutritious for Cody. That’s why I was happy to meet the people at “the honest kitchen.”

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Should Your Dog Have Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy has been on the radar of treatments for dogs for the past few years, but do you know which type of conditions it best treats? Have you wondered if laser therapy was right for your dog?

Sophie underwent Cold Laser Therapy about six months after she became paralyzed. A dear friend asked her veterinarian about the procedure and he offered to help us. Sophie went for six treatments. Unfortunately we didn’t see any improvement. I think we waited too long to start the therapy and Sophie’s cells could not be regenerated. For many pets laser therapy is a godsend, especially if you know when to start and the best conditions it can treat.

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WW: My Sweet Sophie












The idea to add Sophie to my family grew out of a bet at a baseball game at Wrigley Field while my family was on vacation. The wager was to adopt a third dog if the Chicago Cubs hit 12 homeruns. It was 1998; the year when Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa broke world records for the most homeruns hit in a season. We returned to our hometown in Las Vegas and I went directly from the airport to the shelter.

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French Bulldogs Wanted For UC Davis Veterinary Study



If you’re the pet parent of a French Bulldog, the UC Davis Veterinary Center for Clinical Trials in California wants to hear from you. Your pet could help all French Bulldogs (present and in the future) by taking part in a study that hopes to identify the genes responsible for causing congenital spinal anomalies in the breed.

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