Blind Dog’s Eyesight Saved By UC Davis Clinical Trial


Have you ever been in the right place, at the right time for the stars to align and give you exactly what you need to make life whole and good? Or have you ever felt like a guardian angel was watching over you? A German shorthaired pointer (GSP) named Cyrus can answer yes to both of these questions. He went from being a nearly blind homeless dog to one that can see and has a new family. And in addition, he helped advance veterinary research.

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Vestibular Disease: When Dog Head Tilting Is More Than Cute

Lab Pup Head Tilt














We love to see the countless adorable pictures on the Internet of dogs quizzically tilting their heads, but did you know that head tilting can also be a sign of vestibular disease? The syndrome can hit both dogs and cats no matter if they are young or old.

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WW: National Walk ‘N Roll Dog Day


Monday, September 22 was the third annual National Walk ‘N Roll Dog Day to celebrate and honor wheelchair dogs around the world. The event was started in 2012 by award-winning author and advocate Barbara Techel in memory of her beloved dog Frankie. A fall left the dachshund paralyzed with Intervertabral Disc Disease (IVDD).

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Chagas, The Deadly Disease You’ve Never Heard About








Recently I wrote a post about my little neighbor dog, Rudy, who came down with Valley Fever. The disease attacked his central nervous system and left him with multiple fainting spells every day. One of the readers of Lessons From A Paralyzed Dog contacted me saying that Rudy’s symptoms were very similar to dogs who contract Chagas Disease. She asked that I let pet owners know about this growing disease that can be deadly to your dog.

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Lesson 16: Please Don’t Call Me A Crazy Lady



After Sophie became paralyzed I found myself scanning the news for stories about pets with special needs. I think I did it to prove to myself there were other people in the world going through the same challenges. I also did it to ease my fears that I wasn’t a “crazy lady.” Last week I came across an article in the news that put my worries to rest.

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How To Diaper Your Dog (Video)

Peepers Disposable Pet Diapers

Have you ever tried to diaper your dog? It’s not as easy as you think, especially if your dog is paralyzed or has trouble standing. Sophie wore a diaper at night when she first became paralyzed and it was a real challenge to put it on and have it stay in place all night. Like most pets that become paralyzed Sophie was incontinent and while I could help her go potty during the day by expressing her bladder, staying dry the whole night was a different story. Continue reading

WW: Inspirations On Wheels

When I started Lessons From A Paralyzed Dog, my plan was to share information with pet owners who were facing the challenges of a dog or cat with disabilities. What I found instead were dedicated individuals who do everything humanely possible to give handicapped pets a quality life. I found inspiration for pets on wheels. Continue reading

Take The Canine Acupuncture Quiz

Soph accupuncture









Canine acupuncture is a growing option for a wide variety of health problems in our dogs. It was one of the first treatments I explored for Sophie when she became paralyzed. I took her for a series of acupuncture treatments because the procedure improved a congenital heart condition for my dog Shadow when she was a puppy. Continue reading

Paralyzed Kitten Is Learning To Walk

Bruce Lee 2







A paralyzed kitten that was rescued from a drainpipe is getting the chance to live a normal life.  The five month-old who was given the name Bruce Lee because of his kicks and fighting will to survive, is learning to walk again.

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