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Neo-Paws Dog Boot Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Dog boots

I was thrilled when Neo-Paws™ International joined Lessons From A Paralyzed Dog as a sponsor at the beginning of the year. Neo-Paws are one of my all-time favorite products for specially-abled dogs and if you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ve probably seen stories about my love of their dog boots for paralyzed pups

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Inside A Custom Dog Wheelchair Company

Rear support dog wheelchair

When I posted a story about how a little paralyzed dog named Mango and her pet mom Judy Walter raised enough donations to get 100 specially-abled dogs into wheelchairs, I knew I wanted to interview Ruff Rollin’, the custom dog wheelchair company who helped them achieve their goal. Ruff Rollin’ is relatively new on the

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My 5 Favorite Harnesses For Handicapped Dogs 2016

Dog harnesses for handicapped dogs

(This story is an update to our original review of harnesses for handicapped dogs in 2014.) If you have a dog that is paralyzed or has hind end weakness, one of the specialized harnesses for handicapped dogs listed below will undoubtedly become your favorite tool to keep your pup mobile and healthy. The proper harness will make life easier

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Handicapped Dog Heroes

Handicapped dog hero

Earlier this week we celebrated Change A Pet’s Life Day so I thought it would be a good time to share the stories of three handicapped dog heroes whose lives have been changed by the humans who reached out to them and because of their will to live and never give up.

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Mango on a Mission Dog Wheelchair Donation Program

Mango on a Mission dog wheelchair program

This story is the third installment in my mission to find affordable resources for dog wheelchairs (dog carts). I started this project when I realized finding inexpensive carts for paralyzed dogs was the number one question asked on Lessons From A Paralyzed Dog. So far I’ve told readers about the dog wheelchair rental program from

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Health / Daily Care

When Pet Owners Can’t Afford Veterinary Bills

when pet owners can't afford veterinary bills

The idea for this story came from a reader who wrote to ask about the resources available when pet owners can’t afford veterinary bills. The woman was having trouble making ends meet financially due to the ongoing cost of the treatment needed for her paralyzed Dachshund. Last year the 4 year-old dog suffered a Fibrocartilaginous

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Top 5 Blog Posts in 2015 Pet Parents Loved

New Year's dog

Happy New Year! I know we all say it, but I really can’t believe 2015 is almost over and 2016 will begin in a couple of days. Here at Lessons From A Paralyzed Dog 2015 has been a year of  learning and growing. I learned to pay attention to the needs of our readers so I could offer the kinds of stories that helped

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Amazing Pets

Pet Mom’s Story: ‘When Owners Can’t Afford Veterinary Bills’

Can't afford veterinary bills.

Last week I shared a story about some of the remarkable organizations that offer financial aid when pet owners can’t afford veterinary bills. That post was inspired by a reader who was having a rough time paying for the ongoing treatment of her disabled dog and from the response the story generated I realized this is a

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Special Needs Dog Mom Keeps Her Sense of Humor & GIVEAWAY

Oh Melvin

“If you don’t laugh at 5am when your dog has pooped on himself, you’re going to cry.” These words of wisdom were my introduction to Tracey Holupka who as a special needs dog mom keeps her sense of humor. Tracey is the creator of the well-known blog, Oh Melvin which shares the funny side of

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