Should Your Dog Have Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy has been on the radar of treatments for dogs for the past few years, but do you know which type of conditions it best treats? Have you wondered if laser therapy was right for your dog?

Sophie underwent Cold Laser Therapy about six months after she became paralyzed. A dear friend asked her veterinarian about the procedure and he offered to help us. Sophie went for six treatments. Unfortunately we didn’t see any improvement. I think we waited too long to start the therapy and Sophie’s cells could not be regenerated. For many pets laser therapy is a godsend, especially if you know when to start and the best conditions it can treat.

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WW: My Sweet Sophie












The idea to add Sophie to my family grew out of a bet at a baseball game at Wrigley Field while my family was on vacation. The wager was to adopt a third dog if the Chicago Cubs hit 12 homeruns. It was 1998; the year when Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa broke world records for the most homeruns hit in a season. We returned to our hometown in Las Vegas and I went directly from the airport to the shelter.

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French Bulldogs Wanted For UC Davis Veterinary Study



If you’re the pet parent of a French Bulldog, the UC Davis Veterinary Center for Clinical Trials in California wants to hear from you. Your pet could help all French Bulldogs (present and in the future) by taking part in a study that hopes to identify the genes responsible for causing congenital spinal anomalies in the breed.

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Two-Legged Chihuahua Turbo.Roo Gets 3D Wheelchair


Turbo.Roo is the tiny two-legged Teacup Chihuahua puppy who has become a social media star after being surrendered to an Indianapolis, IN veterinary hospital when he was just 4 weeks-old.  A breeder gave up custody of the dog because he felt Turbo would need more help than he could give. This week Turbo.Roo received that help in the form of a custom-made wheelchair that was made on a 3D printer.

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“Stem Cells for Pets” New Blog From Pioneer Veterinairan















I’m excited to tell you about a new veterinary blog that will be invaluable to pet owners who are weighing the options about having their dogs and cats undergo stem cell therapy. Launched by Robert Harman, DVM, Founder and CEO of Vet-Stem, Inc. “Stem Cells for Pets” will give honest answers about stem cell therapy so pet owners can make educated decisions to find the right type of treatment for their special needs pets.

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WW: Have You Met Anderson Pooper?

Lessons From A Paralyzed Dog would like you to meet Anderson Pooper. She’s a paralyzed dachshund that won’t let any challenge keep her from trying. Here she is running as fast as she can in the Star 101.5 Weinerdog Races at the Emerald Downs race track in Auburn, WA.



Anderson’s owner is the founder of Animals With Disabilities. If you know of a disabled pet who won’t let life get them down, we’d love to hear from you.

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Lesson 15: The Intervention – When Your Friends Try To Help













This is going to be a tough story because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but it is a subject that’s weighed on my mind for a long time and a topic that owners of a special needs pets should be prepared to face.  So here we go…..

Have you ever been through an Intervention? I have and when it happened it took me by complete surprise.

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Best Dog Bed For Incontinent Pups











Many of the dogs I write about are incontinent because of their spinal or neurological conditions. My own dog, Sophie was incontinent during most of the five years she was paralyzed. My husband (Ken) and I tried our best to keep Sophie on a strict bathroom schedule, but inevitably accidents happened.

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The Winner Of The Book Giveaway Is…..













It was exciting to see how many readers entered our latest Book Giveaway for an autographed copy of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation for Animals, by Susan E. Davis, PT. A random drawing was held Thursday morning.

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