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Grab Your Dog Stroller For An Autumn Jog

dog stroller

This Wordless Wednesday we’re talking about taking your dog for an Autumn jog.  The cooler temperature always brings out the jogger in me or at least the wannabe version. If you’re a jogging pet mom, I think autumn is the perfect time to grab your dog stroller and take your best friend for a run.

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Look Who Won the Walkies! Fit Bites #Giveaway


We have two lucky winners of the Walkies! Fit Bites Giveaway. A bag of the healthy treats for athletic dogs will be sent to: M.K. Clinton and her dog Bentley And Elaine and her dog Haley Congratulations from Lessons From A Paralyzed Dog! Both Bentley and Haley’s moms are fellow pet bloggers and I invite

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Update On Angel The Paralyzed Dog Rescued From Tijuana

paralyzed dog from Tijuana

One of the best parts of being a pet blogger is that I get to work behind the scenes with incredible rescue groups when they are trying to save the life of an abandoned dog or cat with special needs. In July 2014, Heath’s Haven Dog Rescue in Idaho was working hard to find a way

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Walkies! Fit Bites Giveaway and Review

Walkies! Fit Bites healthy dog treat

Athletic people have sports drinks and power bars to feel energized after a workout and now active dogs have a new fitness treat created especially for them called Walkies! Fit Bites. Created by the folks at Crazy Dog, Walkies is the first dog treat that understands the importance of daily walks with your dog and

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Product Review: DogsWELL Vitality Duets

DogsWell Vitality treats

It’s time again for Bailey’s “spokesdog product review” for  This month she and Cody received DOGSWELL Vitality Bison & Cheddar Duets. I thought the flavor would be particularly appealing to Cody because he loves the taste of Bison. It’s one of the unique proteins

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Health / Daily Care

Meet Austin’s Premiere Pet Home Health Provider

Dog with megaesphagus

Since I started Lessons From A Paralyzed Dog and began sharing Sophie’s story, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some extraordinary people who work hard every day to save pets with disabilities. These people have become my personal heroes. Recently I added another hero to my list after I interviewed veterinary intensive care nurse, Tracy Smith.

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Two Important Supplements For Aging Dogs

supplements for aging dogs

Cody has a bad case of arthritis in his hips. Over the past couple of years it’s changed the way he walks and tries to lie down. He moves his twelve year-old body slower and more deliberate when he walks and quite honestly he uses a technique to lie down that I’ve never seen before.

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Rocky’s Long Road To Happiness

Rocky's road to happiness

Recently I was introduced, via Facebook, to a bright-eyed, energetic little dog named Rocky who was rescued from a shelter in Romania. Rocky is paralyzed and his story touched my heart. I used to write for an animal welfare website so I was pretty familiar with the tremendous dog overpopulation problem in the country. Years

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