Book Giveaway: Physical Therapy and Rehabilitaiton for Animals













I’m excited to announce a Book Giveaway that I would have scooped up and added to my own library during Sophie’s illness. Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation for Animals by Susan E. Davis, PT fortifies pet owners with tips about lifestyle changes, recommendations for at-home care and treatment options for disabled, immobile, geriatric and injured pets.

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WW: One Woman’s Crusade To Stop Degenerative Myelopathy



















Have you heard of Degenerative Myelopathy? It’s a cruel inherited disease that leaves dogs paralyzed in about six months and ends their lives way too soon. It is most like a canine version of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) seen in people.

I became very familiar with DM because it was one of the first conditions Sophie was tested for when she began to lose her balance and drag her hind legs. Sophie’s DNA test came back Normal (no DM), but I have to say in the back of my head I’ve always wondered if I screwed up when I took her DNA sample and DM was her real diagnosis.

When another DNA test proved positive for a Komondor named Bundas, his owners began a personal crusade to wipeout the illness from the breed.

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Founder Of Paralyzed Dogs Network Shares Her Story











As a fan of the Paralyzed Dogs Network I was very excited when Joanne Leicester, who founded the website, agreed to share the story about her paraplegic dog Carl and why she started her insightful website.  The Paralyzed Dogs Network is full of useful information for pet owners who are adapting to life with disabled dog.  

Joanne’s philosophy is, “Canine paralysis is not a death sentence – like any dog a paralyzed dog lives for the moment.  They don’t lie around feeling sorry for themselves, instead they just get on with life, adapting to their disability.”

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Lizee The Paralyzed Puppy Is Headed To Heath’s Haven Rescue

There is wonderful news to share about Lizee, the four month-old paralyzed puppy found on the side of the road in Albuquerque, NM. A foster home has been found and the puppy will be in  the safe hands of Heath’s Haven Rescue. Thank you to everyone who shared Lizee’s story and helped us save her from being euthanized.


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Paralyzed Puppy Needs A Foster Home

Lizee 1











Lessons From A Paralyzed Dog was contacted to see if our readers could spread the word about a paralyzed 4 month-old puppy that was found on the side of the road in Albuquerque, NM. She is all alone in the world and desperately needs a foster home to look after her until a rescue group can be found to help her. Lizee is a little dog with a big problem.

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Three Inspiring Facebook Pages For Handicapped Dogs

Mickey wheels















Three times this week my Facebook friends have recommended FB Pages that help disabled pets. All of the Pages are adorable and so inspiring that I want to share them with you. Each site is unique and dedicated to dogs with different types of handicaps, but EVERY Page demonstrates that dogs with special needs can lead happy lives.

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Spina Bifida Won’t Stop Mickey And The Padded Bum Crew












I’m thrilled to share this guest post from Nikki Carvey, features editor at The Pet Matchmaker. Trained as a journalist in the UK, Nikki now makes her home in LA where she says she “complains less about the weather.”  A bulldog lover and rescuer, she writes and rescues at Road Dogs & Rescue.   

Today’s story is about a family of bulldogs born with a birth defect called Spina bifida. The condition happens when one or more of a dog’s vertebrae don’t properly fuse together in the womb. The problem is sometimes attributed to malnutrition or the ingestion of toxins during pregnancy. There also seems to be a strong genetic link. Dogs with Spina bifida have problems walking, controlling their muscles and are usually incontinent. In previous years, these dogs were euthanized.

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Angel The Paralyzed Dog Gets Help From Guardian Angels

Angel 1









Meet sweet Angel. She’s a stray who was rescued from the streets of Tijuana, Mexico with a broken back. She is headed to Heath’s Haven Rescue for medical care, surgery and rehabilitation.

Heath’s Haven Rescue is an amazing non-profit group that specializes in rescuing dogs with neurological and mobility issues. We’ve had the pleasure of highlighting some of their adoptable dogs before, but now Lessons From A Paralyzed Dog would like to share Angel’s story and the plan of action Heath’s Haven has put together to save this disabled dog.

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Lesson 14: Pressure Sores In Paralyzed Dogs Can Be A BIG Problem


Soph sit





Sophie was lucky when it came to dealing with the problem of pressure sores. During the majority of the five years she was paralyzed, Sophie was able to flip her body over so it was never in any one position for a long time. For many paralyzed and disabled dogs pressure sores (also known as decubitus ulcers) are a frustrating and sometimes life-threatening condition.

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PawTree Has Holistic Dog Food For Your Pet’s Special Needs

Cody pawtree

From the time Cody joined our family, he has always suffered from an extremely sensitive stomach. It’s an issue we’ve continually dealt with for 9 years. At times you can hear his stomach gurgle from one end of the house to the other after he’s eaten a food that doesn’t agree with him.

That’s why I was very excited when pawTree™ asked Cody and me to review their holistic dog food. Their products were developed by veterinarians who have customized nutrition for the unique qualities of individual dogs.

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