Dog Wheelchair Review



The dog wheelchair has given the gift of mobility to dogs and other pets that would have been left helpless because of paralysis, disease, old age and injuries. Popularity of the carts is growing so I thought it was the perfect time to share a review of the top models.

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5 Tips For Adopting A Paralyzed Dog Or Cat


Sophie 1










Adopting a paralyzed dog or cat isn’t the right choice for every pet owner, but if you decide to go for it, the experience can be life-changing.

I always tell people that my world turned upside down when Sophie became paralyzed, but when I was recently asked to describe a typical day I realized that living with a special needs pet just took organization. Here are tips that helped me with my “specially-abled” little girl.

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WW: Puppies And Kittens With Birth Defects Saved (Video)



Blog stories are usually posted from an editorial calendar, but every once in a while a great story comes into your life that can’t wait for a vacant slot on a calendar. Peaches and The Mia Foundation is one of those stories.

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The Healing Power Of Dogs


I met Laura Love after I read her interview in a local news story. She said a veterinarian told her to euthanize Faith, the paralyzed dog she rescued because the dog would never have a good quality life. The quote reminded me of a similar conversation I had with my vet when Sophie got sick so I called her to discuss the experience.

Needless to say, Laura ignored the advice and Faith had many happy years. Today Laura has 16 special-abled dogs and together they open hearts and teach people to never give up.

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Giveaway From Flush Doggy Disposable Bags



I’m excited to reveal our latest Giveaway from the environmentally conscious company, Flush Doggy™.  Four lucky readers will each receive a package of 20 eco-friendly flushable dog poop bags. Yes, you read that sentence right, Flush Doggy™ is “Saving our planet, one poop at a time” with their unique bags.

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The Miracle Of Dog Spinal Walking

Have you heard the term Spinal Walking or Spinal Reflex Walking? It’s kind of a miracle way to walk that some dogs with severe spinal cord injuries learn even though their legs can’t communicate with their brain.

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Paralyzed Dog Lucy Runs, Jumps and Plays (Video)

Lucy was abandoned at veterinarian’s office last June after her owners were told about the cost of a surgery needed to fix her paralyzed legs. The 10 year-old dog was paralyzed from the waist down and unable to use her back legs.

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Adventures Of A Super ‘Paralyzed’ Pup









Adventures of a Super Pup, is an amazing site where Jen Franzino has been chronicling the recovery of Bella, her paralyzed Beagle. Bella became a paraplegic more than a year ago, after a misdiagnosis by her veterinarian led to a complicated surgery and an infection in her spine. Since that time, Jen has been dedicated to helping her dog walk again.

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